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Dr. Jacob Waldenmaier

admin-ajax.phpDr. Jacob Waldenmaier |

Assistant Professor of Religion


D.Phil. in Comparative Theology, University of Oxford

M.St. in the Study of Religion, University of Oxford

M.Div., Ashland Theological Seminary

B.A. in Physics, University of Texas at Austin




Areas of Specialization:

Science and Religion

Philosophy of Religion, especially Belief Transition, Conversion, and Deconversion




Courses Taught:

Science and Religion

Sacred Experiences in World Religions

Asian Thought and Global Concerns

South Asian Religious Traditions

Women in Islam

Introduction to Hinduism

Introduction to Islam


It is my deepest aspiration to understand why we come to accept, reject, or maintain beliefs about humanity, nature, and what lies beyond. The most vibrant and creative pursuit of these questions comes, in my view, through the comparative analysis of the world’s manifold religious traditions. This quest has carried me across continents and academic disciplines.


I grew up near Cleveland, Ohio and Dallas, Texas. After beginning higher education in Austin, I moved back to northern Ohio to prepare for ministry in the United Methodist Church, where I found my endeavors shifting away from pastoral studies toward the global study of religions. I then spent five years studying at John Wesley’s own alma mater, the University of Oxford, to complete my formal education. My current research focuses on religious conversion, deconversion, and belief transition among Muslims, Christians, and atheists in the United States.





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