Research & Planning

Institutional Research

The Office of Research and Planning is responsible for reporting institutional data to federal and state agencies, SACSCOC, and all annual statistical and ranking publications. These include US News & World Report, College Board, Petersons, Common Data Set, and more. Maintaining the integrity and comparability of institutional data is a vital part of Research and Planning’s operations and contributes significantly to the overall effectiveness of the university.

In addition, our office plays a supportive role in a wide variety of research projects designed to help High Point University achieve its mission.  Examples of these projects are described below.

Student Retention

The Office of Research and Planning has been heavily involved in High Point University’s analysis of student retention and graduation rates.  In addition to overseeing the implementation of such assessment tools as the Student Satisfaction Inventory (Ruffalo Noel Levitz) and the National Survey of Student Engagement (Indiana University), our office also employs a variety of analytic strategies designed to track patterns in the data, produces reports that summarize historical trends in retention and graduation rate data, and participates in strategic conversations about meeting goals and objectives related to student success.

General Education Competencies

To help university academic stakeholders understand how well students are developing the skills and competencies reflected in our general education curriculum, the Office of Research and Planning administers the ETS Proficiency Profile and collaborates with other offices in the analysis and reporting of results.

Contact Us

For questions, please contact Ms. Lisa Williams, Administrative Assistant to the Office of Research and Planning, at, or at (336) 841-9420.