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University Owned Houses

University Owned Houses

A variety of charming single family homes collectively called “The University Owned Houses” are wonderful options for upper-class students.  If you are wishing to reside in a double or single occupancy room adjacent to main campus, one of these homes may be just what you’re looking for!  University Owned Houses present a unique living environment for our students.  They provide the opportunity to live in the High Point community, while incorporating the values of being a good neighbor, citizen, and steward.  All High Point University residential communities have central heating and air conditioning along with Internet, cable and laundry (all complimentary)!

Each house is fully furnished, and can be found on University Parkway, Panther Drive, Farriss Avenue, Centennial Street, Fifth Street, Guildford Avenue, McCain Place, Montlieu Avenue, and Norwood Avenue.

Street #Street Name# of Single Rooms# of Double Rooms2018-2019 Beds SpacesBathrooms
801Farris Ave1252 full bathrooms
803Farris Ave2252 bathrooms
805Farris Ave1252 full bathrooms
807Farris Ave3271 full bathroom
811Farris Ave1372 full bathrooms
812Farris Ave3031 full bathroom 0 half
813Farris Ave6062 full bathrooms
814Farris Ave3151 full bathroom 1 half
815Farris Ave2141 full bathroom
817Farris Ave0241 full bathroom
901Farris Ave1131 full bathroom
903Farris Ave0241 bathroom
1106Fifth St.2141 full bathroom, 1 half
1110Fifth St.1373 full bathrooms
1200Fifth St.4283 full bathrooms
1201Fifth St.1131 bathroom
1204Fifth St.2141 full bathroom , 1 half
1205Fifth St3031 bathroom
1206Fifth St.3031 full bathroom
1207Fifth St.1131 full bathroom
1208Fifth St.3031 full bathroom
1209Fifth St.3031 bathroom
1210Fifth St.6183 Full Bathroom 1, half
1211Fifth St.3031 full bathroom
1213Fifth St.2021 full bathroom
1215Fifth St.3031 full bathroom
1217Fifth St.2141 full bathroom
1106N. Centennial St.1131 full bathroom
1112N. Centennial St.1251 full bathroom , 1 half
1200N. Centennial St.2021 full bathroom
1204N. Centennial St.2021 full bathroom
1206N. Centennial St.1131 full bathroom
1208N. Centennial St.3031 full bathroom
1210N. Centennial St.3152 full bathroom
1302N. Centennial St.2141 full bathroom
1304N. Centennial St.2021 full bathroom
1810N. Centennial St.4041 full bathroom , 1 half
1812N. Centennial St.3032 full bathroom
1816N. Centennial St.3031 full bathroom , 1 half
1818N. Centennial St.3031 full bathroom , 1 half
929Norwood2141 full bathrooms
1210Guilford3151 full bathrooms
1212Guilford2142 full bathrooms
1213Guilford2141 full bathroom
1214Guilford3152 full bathrooms
1216Guilford0362 full bathrooms
1219Guilford3152 bathrooms
1220Guilford2262 full bathrooms
1003Panther Drive3032 full bathrooms
1005Panther Drive3152 full bathrooms 1 half
1011Panther Drive4162 full bathrooms
1015Panther Drive3262 full bathrooms
1017Panther Drive3273 full bathrooms
1021Panther Drive3152 full bathrooms 1 half
1023Panther Drive4162 full bathrooms 1 half
1025Panther Drive7073 full bathrooms
1035Panther Drive3031 full bathroom
1201McCain0241 full bathroom
1202McCain3031 full bathroom
1203McCain3031full bathroom
1204McCain4041 full bathroom
1205McCain3031 full bathroom
1207McCain2141 full bathroom
1208McCain0241 bathroom
1209McCain3031 full bathroom
1210McCain3152 full bathrooms
1211McCain1131 full bathroom
1212McCain0241 full bathroom
1214McCain2021 full bathroom
1216McCain3031 full bathroom
501Montlieu1372 full bathrooms
503Montlieu3031 full bathroom
509Montlieu2262 full bathroom
1110University Parkway3031 full bathroom
1208University Parkway3031 full bathroom



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