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“If You See Something, Say Something” Campaign

The Department of Homeland Security created the public awareness campaign, “If You See Something, Say Something” to raise public awareness of indicators of terrorism and its related crimes. It is important that our campus community remains vigilant towards suspicious activities, behaviors and objects on and off campus.

Security advises that suspicious behaviors and situations such as unattended backpacks, persons attempting access to a generally restricted area and other reasonable indicators of suspicious activity be reported. Activities that are not time sensitive can be reported through Crimestoppers at (336) 841-4646 or online here and through Security Communications at (336) 841-9111 in the case of time sensitive situations or if an immediate response is needed.

We appreciate any information that will help us maintain the safety of our campus community. Any information that you have provided will be treated as strictly confidential unless otherwise noted.

What is “Suspicious?”

Suspicious is anything that seems “out of place,” however slight, for the time of day in which it occurs. Examples of situations to be aware of and report to Security are:

  • Strangers entering your neighbor’s room when it is unoccupied
  • Anyone attempting to open doors to see if they are locked
  • Loud screams, anywhere and anytime.
  • The sound of breaking glass or other loud, explosive noises.
  • Unidentified people lurking around the campus buildings or in parking lots

Personal Safety Tips

Our department encourages the University’s students, faculty, staff, vendors/contractors and visitors to instill personal safety habits. Below is list of some recommended personal safety tips:

  • Stay with your laundry when using a public facility and remove it promptly when the machine cycle ends to prevent thefts.
  • Keep all sunglasses, electronics (e.g., cellphones, GPS devises) and other valuable items out of plain sight in vehicles.
  • Lock your vehicle at all times whether you’re in it or not.
  • Don’t give out or share your Passport or room keys.
  • Don’t leave any bags unattended. Carry it whenever possible or leave it in your locked room, office or vehicle out of plain sight.
  • Report any safety hazards such as slippery floors, water leaks, broken glass or broken doors/furniture to Security.

Always be aware of your surroundings and try to walk in a group when possible, especially at night.
Alert close friends when you go out and avoid posting your location on social media platforms. 
Always secure you doors, even if you’re only gone for a few minutes.


To report a medical emergency or if you require medical care, contact Security by dialing 336-841-9111 or x9111 from a campus phone. All Security Officers are trained to provide basic medical care and are CPR and AED certified. To learn more about how to respond to a medical emergency, click on the following links:

All Security vehicles and welcome centers are equipped with first aid kits, and all Security vehicles have an AED on-board. High Point University is an AED-ready campus, with 30 AEDs strategically located throughout campus.




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