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Sheltering in Place

In some situations, it may be safer to remain inside at your current location (shelter-in-place) rather than to evacuate. In these situations, leaving your location may put you in greater danger.

Examples of when you may be asked to shelter-in-place include:

  • Severe weather events
  • Significant hazardous materials spill/release
  • Active shooter

Shelter-in-Place means STAY PUT – do not leave your area of safety.

Maintain a plan of action should you be faced with a situation that requires you to shelter-in-place:

  • Specific actions will depend upon the type of event requiring you to shelter, but may include locating a room with few or no windows, shutting windows, locking exterior doors, sealing off a room, shutting off devices that make noise, turning off ventilation systems, or moving into an interior portion of the building.
  • Be alert to changing conditions, and be prepared to take additional actions to ensure your safety.
  • Take time now to identify safe areas for you to shelter-in-place. Think of the critical things that you may need while sheltering (i.e., medications).
  • If you have an emergency or need help, contact HPU Security. Understand that the dispatcher will be busy handling incoming calls, so please call only if necessary.

Contact Us

If you require emergency assistance:
  • Dial ext. 9111 from a campus phone
  • Call (336) 841-9111
  • Push the emergency call button on any C.A.R.E. point
Our non-emergency phone number is (336) 841-9112 or campus ext. 9112.

If you require immediate transportation assistance:
  • Dial ext. 9113 from a campus extension
  • Call (336) 841-9113
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