Service Learning

Life Cycle of an SL Course

Faculty conceive of an SL course

If not already a Service Learning faculty member, faculty must apply in the spring semester for a Service Learning Course Development Grant. For more on the grant application process please click here.

Those already approved as SL Faculty can then construct syllabus

  • Include Service Learning boilerplate
  • Include potential service project
  • Include ample reflections
  • Include the first two SL Objectives and either Objective 3 or 4
  • Create an assignment that can be assessed by the SL Assessment Team, given whichever SL Objective will be assessed in the semester in which you are teaching the course.
Faculty connect with SL Director and develop a community partnership
Two semesters prior to teaching the course A) If it is a totally new course, the course must be approved by one’s department, and then submitted for approval by the SL Committee.

B) If it is an existing course to which an SL designation is being added, you have more time.

First week of the semester that is prior to the semester in which the course is taught A) If it’s a new course, then the course is submitted to EPC by the SL Committee

B) If it’s an existing course to which an SL designation is being added, it only goes to EPC as a point of notification (doesn’t require a vote), and thus, it doesn’t need to be submitted until just prior to registration.

Prior to registration in the semester before the course is taught A) If it’s a new course, then EPC submits it for approval by the School

B) If it’s an existing course to which an SL designation is being added, then the course is submitted to EPC as a point of notification.

Registration Faculty email the students registered for the course before the end of the registration period. Send them the syllabus and explain what SL means. You may want to say what the community partnership will be.
Month before class starts If you want a student liaison for your class, you will need to identify a student, and then notify the student and Dr. Kozma so they can begin filing the paperwork.
Week Before Class Starts Email the students again, reminding them that they are signed up for a SL course. These emails will want to play up the benefits of SL, as we don’t want good students dropping the classes.
First Day of Class Emphasize what all is involved in SL, what your partnership(s) will be, and what the benefits of the class are:

  • Hand out the SL Code of Ethics (we urge you to give an online quiz on it too)
  • Hand out the partnership agreement – if applicable to your class (students probably won’t sign it until they are assigned to a particular partner)
  • Get students started on CITI training, if needed for IRB
Sometime in the first two weeks of the semester A) Invite your community partner to campus to talk to the class. If you have multiple community partners, you’ll want to invite them all, and then, make assignments as to which students will work with which partners (your student liaison can help with this).

B) If appropriate for your class, take the class on an orientation visit to the community partner’s location where the students will be working.

First Month Attend the first SL Continuing Education Lunch
Around fourth week Check to ensure that all students have started their service (the student liaison can be used to collect and report hours). If students have not started, take them with you when you go to work with the partner.
Second Month Attend the second SL Continuing Education Lunch
Before mid-terms Let Drs. Blosser and Kozma know what your assessment assignment will be and when it will be submitted. Also submit the dates for any public presentations your students will do.
Third Month Attend the third SL Continuing Education Lunch
Around finals A) Submit your assessment assignment or have Drs. Blosser or Kozma attend your students’ public presentation for assessment.

B) Hold a public presentation of your students’ work (if applicable)

Finals Week Attend the faculty focus group to debrief on the semester
After the class Review and revise your syllabus for next time, using the feedback of your students, the SL Committee and Directors, other SL faculty, and your community partner.


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