Service Learning

Sample Syllabi

Here are a few syllabi from courses taught by HPU faculty (please keep in mind some of these syllabi also fulfill the University Gen. Ed. Requirement for Ethics — your course will likely not fulfill this requirement). Many of the syllabi include the EPC form with them, which is the form all new SL courses must complete in order to approved:


ART 3081 Documenting the Community through Photography

COM 3385 Applied Research in Strategic Communications

COM 4415 Strategic Communication Campaigns

CRJ 3650 Life Skills for Inmates

ECO 2050 Introduction to Microeconomics

EDU 3100 Collaboration in the General Education Classroom

ENG 2230 Literature and the Community (Two Sections: Globalization and Ecoliterature)

INT 3280 Contract 1 SYLLABUS

INT 3280 Contract 1 FALL 2013 Schedule

PHL 2008 Social Ethics

PHL 2010 Biomedical Ethics

PHL 2016 Family Ethics

PHL 2043 Business Ethics

PHL 2043 Business Ethics Honors

PHL/PSC 3009 Political Philosophy

PSC 3332 Campaigns and Elections

PSY 2400 Social Psychology

REL 3028 Religion in America

SPN 3000 Advanced Spanish Conversation

THE 2950 Dance and Community Concepts

WGS 3100 Feminist Theory and Praxis


Here are some links to Service Learning Syllabi at other institutions:


There are endless numbers of resources for Service Learning, but at HPU we are developing Service Learning a bit differently through a focus on moral questions, like issues of justice, freedom, equality, human rights, the common good, etc. Not all Service Learning resources share such an emphasis on ethics, so you will need to use the following resources carefully and critically as you develop your proposal.

Here are some websites to get you started on planning a course:

Campus Compact Resources

National Service Learning Clearinghouse Resources

Corporation for National & Community Service

UNC Faculty Resources and Course Guide

Wayne State Faculty Resources

Elon’s Faculty Development Guide

Duke’s Resources

Towson’s Resources

VA Tech’s Faculty Guide

Best Practices in SL Pedagogy

Principles of Good Reflection

Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning

Click here for a list of National Resources for Service-Learning


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