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The Service Learning Program is excited to announce the following faculty and courses that have been approved by the Service Learning Committee to receive a Silvershein/Gutenstein Family Faculty Development Grant. The winning applications deepen the SL offerings in Education, Business, Communication, English, Spanish, and Religion. The fifth round of grants, like the previous four, are underwritten by the Robert G. and Ellen S. Gutenstein Foundation, which remains committed to preparing faculty to offer exceptional student learning experiences that engage students in the community to form their ethical thinking and leadership abilities.


COM 4415 “Strategic Communication Campaign Management” with Dr. Shannon Campbell, Associate Professor of Communication, Chair of Journalism and Strategic Communication

This capstone course requires seniors to apply their knowledge of strategic communication research, planning, strategies, and tactics to a client’s problem or opportunity by creating a turn-key campaign. Teams of students work under the supervision of the professor as they partner with a non-profit to develop their campaign. Students will volunteer with the non-profit to create a deep understanding of its mission, so that their campaigns are expertly tailored to the organization and its stakeholders.


COM 3313 “Feature Writing” with Prof. Bobby Hayes, Assistant Professor of Communication

This course provides an in-depth study of journalistic storytelling for print and online media as well as freelance markets. Special emphasis is given to utilizing observational skills as well as narrative, description, anecdotes and compositional techniques to tell a story. The course incorporates the use of video, audio and images to create multimedia stories. Students will be partnered with one of four non-profit agencies that each focus on a different social issue (like education, immigration, hunger, and so on). The students will volunteer at these placements, and then develop feature pieces highlighting their experiences, the non-profits, and/or the social issues confronted.

DOC 3001 “Documentary Production Experience” with Prof. Brad Lambert, Assistant Professor of New Media

This course provides students with a framework for the production of various documentary styles. The class will collaborate on a semester-long multimedia documentary project, showcased on a class website. Students will work closely with a partner non-profit to create a documentary that addresses the goal of the organization. Students will be encouraged to pursue topics that explore the documentary form’s potential as a tool for social change.


ENG 2230 “Environmentalism and the Community” with Prof. Michele Johnson, Instructor of English

This course pushes students to read and respond to a variety of works, both creative and informative, by environmentalists, seeking to build a more complete understanding of why and how a healthy, thriving environment leads to a better quality of life for the humans who inhabit it. Students will connect their reading and writing to volunteer work in the larger Piedmont community, and will complete written analysis not only of their time spent volunteering, but also how their personal experiences confirm or complicate the premises set by the texts we’ve read.


ENT 4220 “Social Entrepreneurship” with Prof. Kathryn Elliott, Assistant Professor of the Practice of Entrepreneurship, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship

This course will provide an introduction to the field of study of social entrepreneurship, how to develop a social mindset, and discuss best practices of starting and growing a successful mission-driven venture. The class will partner with local agencies that will aid the students as they seek to create economic ventures for underserved communities to create self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship.


EDU 4200 “Multi-Cultural Education” with Dr. James Davis, Associate Professor of Education

This course examines the diversity found in today’s school community. Students will explore the multicultural nature of contemporary classrooms and will gain a better understanding of those learners’ behavior in relation to mores of a public school education. Topics that will be discussed include common beliefs related to diversity, strategies to engage students from diverse backgrounds (i.e. disability, gender, ethnicity, race, and socioeconomic status) and overcoming personal biases regarding diversity issues. Students will volunteer in Guilford County Public School classrooms under the supervision of the professor.


REL 2007 “Biblical Justice: Engaging Hunger and Poverty in High Point” with Dr. Robert Moses, Assistant Professor of Religion

This course studies the Bible’s teachings on wealth and poverty as it challenges students to use this knowledge to reflect on their own experiences with the poor, homeless, and hungry in High Point. The course will reflect on the causes of poverty, contemporary economic arrangements, and wrestle with the question of what the biblical writers might say to us in our current situation. The class will work with an organization like Helping Hands that offers direct service to those experiencing hunger and homelessness.


SPN 3050 “Hispanic World Today” with Dr. Hayden Carron, Assistant Professor of Spanish

This course will focus on the culture, current events and society of the Spanish-speaking world today. The students will watch televised news broadcast in Spanish, read current articles from newspapers and magazines in Spanish and watch selected videos. Service completed in this course is designed to enhance students’ cultural knowledge of the Hispanic community in the US, particularly the challenges that this population faces in the Triad area. Students will participate and assist local Hispanic organizations such as The Center for New North Carolinians or the Latino Family Center, working with the Hispanic population of the area.


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