Student Government Association



The following tools and documents help guide the direction and action of the Student Senate.

Bill Submission Website:

*UPDATED August 24, 2016

SGA Constitution. Current version of the HPU SGA Constitution.

*UPDATED March 24, 2015

Bylaws. Current version of the HPU SGA Bylaws.

*Updated March 2, 2017

SGA Manual

*Updated October 13, 2017

Budget Proposal. All budget request proposals for consideration by the budget/appropriations committee must follow this format. All budgets must also be signed by the appropriate persons as stated above in order to be accepted.

Budgets are not currently being accepted.

Parliamentary Procedure. Some parliamentary basics. What a member of the Senate has the power to do, and how to say it, as well as the rules for different types of motions.

Parliamentary Procedure-“How To”

Parliamentary Procedure Powerpoint

SGA Senate Manual. Download theSGA Manual to become familiar with numerous operations and resources of the HPU SGA.

Election Guidelines – Revised Fall 2016. Outlines the operational guidelines, rules and regulations on SGA Executive Council and Class Officer petitioning, campaigning, and voting processes. All interested parties should read and agree to this information prior to obtaining a petition for office.

Campaign Violation Report Form – To report negative campaign materials that violate the Election Guidelines as put forward in the Bylaws.

Charter Review Protocol. Organizations are brought forth for charter review if they do not meet the minimum required number of meetings, five (5), in a single semester, or for violating the membership bylaws as outlined by the Student Government Association.

Charter Guidelines. All new student organizations must be reviewed and chartered by the Student Life Committee. Chartered student organizations wishing to make changes to the constitution must present those changes to the Student Life Committee to be reviewed and approved. This document is intended to assist organization leaders in writing, or rewriting, the constitution.

Party Smarty Resource:

HPU Party Smart Resource packet

Campus Concierge – Guidelines to submit slides from organizations to include in the Daily Update. Effective January 1, 2015.

Deposit Form

Deposit Form for Fundraisers & Sales – Deposit form to be turned in with all deposits of monies earned through events, activities, fundraisers, and sales.

Gift Request Form – Any organization desiring to give tangible personal property or monetary gifts should submit a gift request through the form. The gift request will be reviewed by the Vice President of Financial Affairs. If the Office of Financial Affairs approves the use of the funds for the requested gifts, the Office of Communications will review the requested gift type, proposed branding and selected vendor. In order to make the greatest impact and best use of University funds, the Office of Communications may deem an item in the current gifting inventory to be more suitable than ordering a new gift. If the Office of Communications has an item that is accepted by the department, the department will be charged a per piece price through monthly allocations prepared by the Business Office.

Sample Budget – Use this to help you plan out the budget for your event or program.

Travel Planning Checklist– Make sure you have everything covered when getting ready to travel with your student organization.

Trademarks & Licensing

Any vendor producing items bearing the High Point University brand must be licensed. This includes, but is not limited to promotional products, signage, banners and uniforms. Click here to see a list of the licensed vendors.


Per the SGA Bylaws and HPU Guidelines, HPU Transportation must be used to secure all transportation needs in all instances when HPU funds are being expended (including but not limited to: airport shuttle, social events, academic conference, competition, etc.) Click here for the transportation request form.


Our office is located on the third floor of the Slane Student Center. We are open daily from 8:30am – 5pm.

(336) 841-9231
(336) 841-4513 (fax)