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Sport Management Association (SMA)
HPU’s Sport Management Association consists of motivated students seeking to enhance and transform their undergraduate Sport Management experience. Members of this highly engaged group are provided extracurricular opportunities to learn skills that will aid them in their future careers, network with industry professionals, and stand out from their peers.

Women Leaders in Sport (WLS)
The Women Leaders in Sport club is designed to serve a resource for all women in the SMG major and minor. The club will bring the women in the SMG program to get her for conversation, mentorship, support, education, and learning as they discuss current issues and challenges they might experience in the industry. The club fosters professional growth and engagement through the use of guest speakers, webinars, books, podcasts, and more.

Center for Applied Sport Management Research (CASMR)
High Point University’s Center for Applied Sport Management Research represents HPU’s latest innovation in bringing together sport management theory and practice. Connecting students interested in the study of sports and athletics management with experienced faculty, CASMR provides opportunities for interdisciplinary skill development, education, and training. CASMR conducts and disseminates research, and serves as a think tank and resource for sport industry leaders. Participating students either collaborate with faculty on current research projects or bring in their own research ideas.

Industry Insights Series
Modeled after popular podcasts like The Tim Ferris Show or Impact Theory, our Industry Insights series seeks to bring sport industry leaders from around the nation – and the globe – to High Point. Guests will speak with Dr. Hemme using an informal Q&A format and students will be invited to attend the tapings of these conversations. Sport management experts unable to travel to our campus will be interviewed using Skype, FaceTime or other teleconferencing software. Our goal is to develop a repository of information useful for our students and others interested in the sport industry and to bring valuable insights into career success, personal achievement, and professional excellence to the world. You can always find the latest episodes here:

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