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An interdisciplinary committee advises the staff of the Center on its operations, projects, and vision.

Dr. Martin Kifer (Chair)

Mr. Brian McDonald (Co-Chair)

Dr. Kelly Curtis

Dr. Sadie Leder Elder

Dr. Gerald Fox

Dr. Rick Hargrove

Ms. Cathy Hillenbrand-Nowicki

Dr. Sojung Kim

Dr. Ron Lamb

Dr. Barbara Mallory

Dr. Jamie Smoliga

Dr. Joanne Altman

Dr. Thomas Dearden

Mr. Timothy Linker

Dr. Peter Gal

HPU Poll: In the News

What do NC Residents Stock up on During Snow? HPU Poll Finds Out
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HPU Poll Surveys What North Carolinians Stock up on During Snowstorm
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HPU Poll: Majorities of North Carolinians Stock Up on Water, Bread and Milk for …
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  • Thanks to all the interviewers who started calling tonight on the final HPU Poll of the semester! Findings next week....,
  • For those who would like to see the graphic on snowstorm grocery purchases... ,
  • Today there really is a snowstorm. We found that majorities of North Carolinians probably bought water, t… ,
  • - ICYMI - Confidence in institutions (adapted from Gallup) Military & small business do well; presidency/m… ,
  • While we are talking education questions, you can also see past polls. Check out 2/14 (… ,