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The Survey Research Center periodically fields a High Point University Poll. The HPU Poll surveys people in North Carolina and beyond about crucial public affairs issues and reports the results as a public service. SRC conducted the first HPU Poll in March 2010. It included questions about approval of public officials in North Carolina and current political issues such as the economy, health care, education, and the threat of terrorism. Subsequent Polls have tracked public opinion about political campaigns and current public policy issues.

For each High Point University Poll, the SRC staff posts press releases, summary memos that give details about survey methods and content, and presentations that highlight a selection of survey questions. The links below allow visitors to download the documents that the Center released for its most recent studies.

If you have questions about any of the postings on this site, you can contact the Center’s Director, Martin Kifer, or 336-841-9333.

Press Releases
Public Poll 30 Super PACs (4/10/2014)Public Poll 30 Issues and Super PACs Memo (4/10/2014)
Public Poll 30 Most Important Problem and Issues (4/9/2014)
Public Poll 30 Approval of Elected Officials Release (4/8/2014)
Public Poll 30 Approval Memo (4/8/2014)
Public Poll 29 News and Record Health Care (2/26/2014)Public Poll 29 News and Record Health Memo (2/26/2014)
Public Poll 29 Approval of Public Officials (2/24/2014)Public Poll 29 Approval Memo (2/24/2014)
Public Poll 29 Consumer Sentiment (2/24/2014)Public Poll 29 Consumer Sentiment Memo (2/24/2014)
Public Poll 28 Approval of Public Officials (2/3/2014)Public Poll 28 Summary Memo (2/3/2014)
Public Poll 28 News and Record Education Memo (2/4/2014)
Public Poll 28 School of Education Teacher Pay Release (2/4/2014)Public Poll 28 School of Education Memo (UPDATE) (2/5/2014)
Public Poll 28 School of Education NC Schools Grade Release (2/5/2014)Public Poll 28 Approval Crosstabs (2/6/2014)
Public Poll 27 NC Teachers (12/12/2013)Public Poll 27 Full Cross Tabs - All Adults (12/11/2013)
Public Poll 27 Holiday Spending (12/9/2013)Public Poll 27 Full Cross Tabs - Self ID Registered Voters (12/11/2013)
Public Poll 27 Presidential Approval (12/10/2013)
Public Poll 26 Government Direction (11/19/2013)Public Poll 26 (with News and Record) Local Results (11/16/2013)
Public Poll 26 Education Issues (11/20/2013)
Public Poll 26 Approval Ratings (11/18/2013)
Public Poll 25 Halloween (10/1/2013)Public Poll 25 Halloween(10/29/2013)
Public Poll 25 Presidential Approval (10/1/2013)Public Poll 25 Approval (10/1/2013)
Public Poll 24 Presidential Approval (9/16/2013)Public Poll 24 (UPDATE) (9/17/2013)
Public Poll 24 Voting and Election Law (9/17/2013)Public Poll 24 Consumer Sentiment (9/18/2013)
Public Poll 24 Syria (9/17/2013)

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