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Online Billing statements for the Fall 2013 semester will be available June 4, 2013

High Point University offers online billing to all undergraduate, day students. It it is very important that the online statement be viewed frequently throughout the fall and spring semester. Access to the online statement requires the students MyStuff username and password. Students can authorize their parents or guardians to view the statement. Authorization provides the parent with a direct link to the statement eliminating the need for the student’s logon information. Authorization instructions are provided at the end of this page.

How To View Your Online Billing Statement

Accessing your online billing statement is as easy as logging on to your High Point University MyStuff Account. If you are a new freshman or transfer student, you will receive or logon and initial pin with your matriculation information. To begin, open your internet browser and go to Near the bottom of the page, listed in the purple banner, you will see a link to MyStuff. Click on the MyStuff link, then choose to “Log In” at the top of the page. Enter your User ID and password. Now choose “Students” form the menu option. The next screen will give you several options for viewing account information. Look for the “Financial Information” heading and choose “Online Billing Statement”. On the next screen click on “Open Day Bill” If you have any problems with your logon, contact the Help Desk at 336-841-9417.

Information Included Within The Online Billing Statement

Your online billing statement provides you with the information you will need to pay your tuition and fees, choose a meal plan, accept or decline student insurance and authorize your parents to easily view your bill without a logon.

The statement is divided into seven areas; personal information, course schedule, billing information, financial aid, meal plan information, student insurance information and parent/guardian authorization.

Personal Information:
This is all about you: your name, student id number, and email address. If you will be living on campus, your housing assignment will be listed. You will also see information about your major.

Course Schedule:
If you have already registered, your class schedule will be listed. If you have made a recent change to your schedule you will have to wait until the system updates to see those changes online. Just check back the next day.

Account Summary:
The account summary lists your charges and credits. Your charges are the comprehensive fee and course fees if applicable. The credits are your payments and financial aid you have been awarded. If you have preregistered your statement is based on actual charges. If you have not registered your charges are estimated as a fulltime student. The statement will indicate that you have a balance or a credit. If you have a balance you must remit the balance by the indicated due date. The only exceptions are families enrolled in the Tuition Managment Systems monthly payment plan. If you are enrolled in the monthly payment plan, you will be billed monthly by Tuition Management Systems (TMS).

Financial Aid Information:
This section provides information about your award status. The statement verifies that your registered hours match the number of hours that your financial aid is based open. If your financial aid is based on 12 credit hours and you are registered for less, there could potentially be a reduction in the amount of financial aid at a later date.

Authorization to View

Viewing the online statement requires a log on and password to the student’s MyStuff account. To simplify the process for parents, the online statement allows the student to authorize others to see their bill. Once authorized, a parent will be able to view the statement without the need to login. The parent or guardian will have access to the online statement and will not be able to view any other areas of MyStuff.

To authorize, the student enters the email address of the parent. The parent will receive an email with a link directly to the online statement. The parent should save the email so they will have the link throughout the school year. If the parent loses the link, the student can remove the email address from the online statement and add it again. This will generate a new email to the parent.

If You Have Questions:
Your specific questions about the information within your online statement can be directed to the following areas:

Log In or Password Issues: 336-841-9417 (I.T. Helpdesk)

Billing Charges, Dining Plans, Student Insurance: 336-841-9259 (Student Accounts)

Financial Aid Questions: 336-841-9124 (Financial Planning)

Room Assignments: 336-841-9231 (Student Life)


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