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University Dining Plans

Dining Services for Students Living On Campus

High Point University offers a variety of dining plans for students residing in university housing. The cost of the dining plan is included in your basic Housing and Dining semester charge.

Residential students may choose one of these four dining plan options:

Updated Meal Plans

 (All options are the same cost no matter which you choose)

*DINING DOLLARS: Dining Dollars supplement the weekly meal allowance and may be used in all dining service locations on campus, except 1924 PRIME Steakhouse. The dining dollar amount is per semester. Unused dining dollars do not transfer from semester to semester.


These locations provide a variety of food options while offering “all-you-care-to-eat” dining.  Each time a meal is eaten in one of these locations, one meal is subtracted from the weekly meal allowance.  Meals are not carried over from week to week.

All You Care To Eat locations: The Cafe and the Farmers Market.


Regardless of the meal plan you choose, seven of your total weekly meals may be used as Magic Meals at any of our dining locations.  Students may use one of their seven Magic Meals per week at 1924 PRIME.  Magic Meals do not carry over from week to week.

Magic Meal Locations: Starbucks Slane Center, Starbucks at Cottrell Hall, Chick-fil-A, 1924 PRIME, The Point, Subway, Great Day Bakery, The C-Store University Center and Yadkin Hall.

Designating your Dining Plan for 2020-2021

Designating your Dining Plan is done online, through your account.  Every student is automatically signed up for the 14 meal/week plan.  The window to change your Fall 2020 dining plan August 4- August 28 and is done via your account.  If you would like to change your Spring 2021 plan designation, you must do so before January 25, 2021 via your account.

Once you have decided which dining plan matches your lifestyle, log on to your account and look for the “Dining Plan Selection” option under My Account.

If you have any questions concerning the HPU Dining Plan, please contact the Campus Concierge at 336-841-4636 or email

Please note:  If you are living in campus housing, you do not have the option of removing your meal plan.

Dining Services For Students Who Commute

As a student living off-campus you have great flexibility in selecting a meal plan. You may, but are not required, to select from the following options.

The Commuter Meal Plan includes 75 meals plus $200 in Dining Dollars per semester. These meals are just like magic meals that can be used at any time, at any dining location on campus. Also, please enjoy four of these meals at 1924 PRIME per semester. Commuter students also have the option to choose from one of the four residential dining meal plans that are listed above.

The cost of the commuter meal plan is $1,315.00 per semester plus the NC Meal Plan Tax of $88.76.

*If you are a residential student you cannot choose the commuter meal plan as your dining option.

If you wish to add the commuter meal plan to your account, log on to your account and look for the “Dining Plan Selection” option under My Account and choose the commuter meal plan option.  Please contact the Office of Student Accounts at 336-841-9259 if you need assistance.

Cashless Campus & The Passport Card General Account

The “HPU Cashless Campus” model ensures that our students are able to enjoy the extraordinary services we provide for their exclusive use in a safe and secure environment.  The Passport Card is the only form of payment accepted on campus. Students will need to use their HPU Passport Card when hosting family and friends.  The Passport Card also contains a “General Account.” The General Account funds may be used at all dining locations on campus, the campus bookstore or at nearly 100 Passport Partner locations throughout the city of High Point.  Students and parents may make cash and credit/debit card deposits to the passport card by using one of our “Passport ATM” machines located throughout campus.

For more details on Cashless Campus and the General Account, please contact


Important: North Carolina State Sales Tax information

The North Carolina General Assembly made significant changes to the Sales and Use Tax Code during its 2013 General Session.  One of the changes will have an impact on how much students pay for meals at universities in North Carolina.   Previously, student at higher education institutions in North Carolina were exempt from paying sales tax when they purchased food on campus.  However this exemption,  G.S. 105-164.13(27) was repealed by the North Carolina tax reform bill (H998) SL 2013-316.  The University has been advised that dining plans will be subject to North Carolina sales tax effective with the 2014 summer dining plans.  The sales tax of 6.75% will appear as a separate line item on your semester billing statements.

The official North Carolina Department of Revenue publication.


The Student Accounts Office is Located on the first floor of Roberts Hall.

(336) 841-9259
(336) 888-6384 (fax)