Student Conduct

Court Tips and Expectations

If you are ever in the position of appealing an academic or non-academic violation to any of Court options feel free to contact the Student Conduct Department for any questions or concerns that you may have.

Below are the Court Tips and Expectations for you to be best prepared for your Conduct or Honor Court hearing:

  1. Take Court Seriously: This is a formal university proceeding. We strongly suggest meeting with a Court Process Advisor prior to court.
  2. Dress Appropriately: Business casual is strongly suggested.
  3. Arrive on Time: If a respondent is not at court at the designated time in their the court notification letter, the hearing will proceed without the respondent. Court will not be rescheduled.
  4. Be Honest: While in court all parties are considered are under oath. If the court believes that a respondent or witness(es) are lying, the proceedings will be stopped immediately. There is also the potential for additional charges of the Conduct/Honor Code as deemed appropriate.
  5. Come Prepared: You are your best defense. Proper pre-planning prevents poor presentations. A respondent is responsible for preparing their opening statement, presentation, and a closing statement. Again, we strongly suggest meeting with a Court Process Advisor prior to court.
  6. Ask Questions: If a student has questions regarding the court process and their rights/role, please contact the Office of Student Conduct representative as soon as possible to get them answered.  This means before, during, and after your Conduct/Honor/Biased Court hearing.
  7. Stay Focused: Make sure that all statements and questions are relevant to the specific incident/behavior in question.  Statements about the character or pervious situations may be deemed irrelevant by the Hearing Chair and not considered by the Justices in determining responsibility.  It is suggested you prepare your remarks/questions in advance.
  8. Incident Reports/Evidence: A respondent has the right to see a copy of the incident report(s) and any evidence prior to their hearing in the Office of Student Life.
  9. Witnesses: Respondents who wish to call witnesses to testify at their Conduct Court must notify the Office of Student Life no less than three (3) days in advance.
  10. Recess: Any party may request a recess of court proceedings, they will be granted at the discretion of the Hearing Chair.
  11. Outcomes: The Justices will make a determination of responsibility and are able to sanction to the full extent of sanctions outlined in the Student Guide to Campus Life.  


Our office is located on the third floor of the Slane Student Center. We are open daily from 8:30am – 5:00pm.

(336) 841-9231
(336) 841-4513 (fax)
(336) 841-9111 (emergency)