Student Health Services

Chronic Medical Conditions

Chronic Medical Conditions

We understand that students with chronic medical conditions often have additional needs, and we at Student Health would like to take a proactive approach to help. Our role is to support the student and the student’s primary physicians/medical providers.


Please send any applicable information to:

High Point University Student Health Services by Cornerstone Health Care
833 Montlieu Avenue, Campus Box 50
High Point, North Carolina  27262

Phone (336) 841-4683
Fax: (336) 841-4693

It is extremely important that we have correct insurance information on file. We will forward this information to any outside medical office, laboratory testing facility, or imaging center to enable them to bill directly to insurance. This is for your convenience only. High Point University Student Health Services does not directly bill any private insurance except the policy offered by HPU. For more information, please see the Student Insurance page.

Medical Records/Information:

Often, the best first step in this process is to send medical information to HPU Student Health that will be added to your (student’s) individualized electronic medical record in our clinic. This is completely voluntary and this information is protected under HIPAA and is strictly confidential. It will help our medical providers not only understand and anticipate specific needs, but will also facilitate better care for acute care needs. Helpful information can include but is not limited to diagnoses, current chronic medications and other treatments, allergies, and home physicians/medical providers contact information. When sending this information please make sure it includes not only the student’s full name but also their date of birth and anticipated arrival to campus.

Medication Administration:

Ongoing treatment with injectable medication can often be done at Student Health Services. These cases are reviewed on an individual basis by the Medical Director. Medical records including information from the primary prescribing doctor regarding diagnosis, medication and dosage are required prior to approval. If administration is not possible in Student Health Services, we can assist in making arrangements to have this done at our local Cornerstone Infusion Clinic. This is located approximately 3-4 miles from campus. In most cases, student’s medications cannot be stored at Student Health Services.

Allergy Injections:

Student Health Services does provide the service of administration of allergy serum from an outside Allergist. Medical records including dosage schedule and provider contact information must be reviewed by our staff prior to initiation of these services. Allergy serum can be stored at Student Health Services. For more information please see the Allergy Injection Administration page.

Laboratory Testing:

We have an on-site lab in student health and are able to obtain most laboratory testing in a timely manner. An order signed by a medical provider with the related diagnosis (ICD-9 code) is required for all laboratory testing and can be faxed to our clinic for convenience. The results are both reviewed by one of our providers and then sent directly to the ordering physician/medical provider. Students currently do not need an appointment for laboratory testing.


HPU Student Health Services does not have an onsite imaging available, but we do have excellent imaging facilities near campus. If a student has need for a follow up imaging study, an order for the study along with the related diagnosis (ICD-9 code) can be faxed to us, and we will help to arrange the ordered test. Routine x-rays do not require an appointment and can be done most days. CT and MRI scans are appointment only but we can usually arrange promptly.


Occasionally a significant chronic medical condition may warrant consideration of establishing care with a local specialist. This local specialist would work closely with and support the primary physician and their ongoing treatment plan. We are fortunate to have a wonderful local medical community who has provided excellent care for our students. Many of these providers are within the Cornerstone medical community and thus share an electronic record which leads to improved quality of care and lower cost for our students. Our role at student health is to help direct and facilitate these referrals. Please contact us with your specific needs and we will discuss all referral options and assist in arranging any necessary referral.

We also would like to invite you to visit us at Student Health to discuss any of this information along with campus and local resources available. No appointments are currently necessary. We are located in the lower level of Wilson Dormitory.





Student Health Services by Cornerstone Health Care is located in the lower level of Wilson Residence Hall at 805 Panther Drive.

Please schedule an appointment with us by stopping by or calling us.

(336) 841-4683
(336) 841-4693 (fax)