Student Life

Bystander and Risk Reduction

Risk Reduction:

Five steps to remember in being a good BYSTANDER:

1. Notice the event; be aware of what is going on around you.
2. Interpret the event. If  something at the event gives you an uneasy or uncomfortable feeling, that’s probably a time to intervene. If it is apparent that a fellow student is in need of help, it’s a good sign and time to intervene.
3. Assume personal responsibility. Choose to say or do something. Never assume that someone else will call for help.
4. Know how to help. All students must choose the safest way for yourself and others involved in helping. Often, it is best to call 9111 or 9112 and that’s the most helpful.
5. Take steps to help in a safe manner. Remember, 911 or 9112 call is often the best way to intervene if there is a question of your safety or anyone else’s safety.

How a Student Can Reduce the Risk of Sexual Assault:

Every student at High Point University should expect that you will be treated with respect in your relationships. HPU is committed to the safety and welfare of all students. When such relationships are no longer healthy, violent or demeaning, we want every student to call for assistance and support. We encourage our entire community to be an active bystander. When you see something, say or do something. At HPU, we want to have a community that is safe and one where all students are encouraged to look out for the well being of their fellow students.

Risk Reduction for Sexual Assault:

1. If you consume alcohol, do so in moderation
2. Do not leave your beverage unattended or accept a drink from any type of open container.
3. Communicate clearly to your friends that you hang out with, what your limits are: both verbal and nonverbal (body language) can be utilized to assure the message is understood.
4. If you go on a date with someone that you just met or don’t know very well, tell a close friend what your plans will be, including where you are going.
5. You have the right to say “No”, even if you first said “yes”, and you can change your mind, even when you have had sex with this partner before;
6. Always carry extra money so that you may get home.
7. When you go to a party or social gathering, go with a group of friends. Arrive together, watch out for each other and leave together.
8. Do not allow yourself to become isolated with a person you do not know or trust.
9. Travel with a friend or in a group at all times.
10. Walk only in lighted areas after dark.
11. As with any violent crime, there’s nothing you can do to guarantee that you will not be a victim of sexual assault or domestic violence. If you are sexually assaulted, remember that it is NOT your fault.

For incidents that occur on High Point University’s campus, you may contact the Resident Director on Duty by calling
336-880-4409 or HPU Security Department by calling 336-841-9111, for assistance with on campus procedures as well as providing any assistance with local law enforcement.


Our office is located on the third floor of the Slane Student Center. We are open daily from 8:30am – 5:00pm.

(336) 841-9231
(336) 841-4513 (fax)
(336) 841-9111 (emergency)