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Benefits of Study Abroad


“While I was studying abroad in Seville, Spain I was able to explore all that Spain had to offer. I lived with a host family and took all of my classes in Spanish. Adventure is definitely worth it!” ~ Ariel Gariepy

In today’s global society, an international experience has become an essential component of higher education.

Studying abroad enriches students’ academic, personal and professional journey. The benefits of studying abroad are many and varied:

  • Students get to live in inspiring places.
  • They become a student at an often prestigious university abroad.
  • Students are able to hone their interpersonal, foreign language, team-work and communication skills.
  • They become more adaptive, assertive and independent.
  • Students increase their confidence and self-confidence.
  • Students are able to enhance their professional credentials, adding experience to their résumé.
  • They become more culturally sensitive.
  • They are able to explore different majors and careers and develop a better idea of what they would like to do after they graduate.

If you’d like to see a longer list of reasons why your student should consider abroad, check out our Why Study Abroad page.

Your student’s decision to spend a semester abroad is going to be a very worthy investment into his or her future!


The Office of Study Abroad is located in the Slane Student Center in office 324.
Phone: (336) 841-9280

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