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Making Travel Plans

AustriaFor HPU semester programs, students will need to arrange their own flights. Students can start researching travel costs and available flights early on, but should hold off booking the flight until they have been accepted to their program, or have received assurance that the acceptance is forthcoming.

When booking their flight, we recommend students don’t focus solely on the cheapest airfare. Layover time between connecting flights, how many connections the student has to make, and arrival time at the final destination are also important considerations. Some websites that might be useful are or

Your student should receive arrival instructions from the host university or Study Abroad program coordinator. We recommend that students plan on arriving on a weekday and during office hours. In an emergency, they can then call the International Office at the host university and more than likely reach someone who is in a position to help. Finally, we encourage students to have contingency plans in place in case something goes awry with their arrival plans. Follow-up with your student that alternate plans are in place.

Students may benefit from travel guides such as Let’s Go, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Insight Guide, and others. These books give lots of practical information, useful phrases, even a history of the host country, plus some customs and traditions of which newcomers need to be aware. Let’s Go is written by students, so this book tends to give cost-effective alternatives.

If possible, we recommend students carry $50-150 in foreign currency for food and drinks during a layover or to take a taxi immediately after arrival. Currency can be ordered ahead of time at your local bank or AAA office. We advise against exchanging currency at the arrival airport, because rates (and your student’s stress level) are much higher.


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