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Global Experience – Guidelines for Collaboration

The Office of Study Abroad (OSA) seeks to collaborate with faculty members in planning, promoting, and delivering successful short-term faculty-led courses.  To that end, these step-by-step guidelines will assist us in communicating and working together throughout the process effectively and efficiently.


Proposal Development (Now – January)

The OSA is at your disposal to assist in the very early stages of your program development.  We want to be your ally as you work to create your course and seek Study Abroad Committee (SAC) approval.  Early in the process, consult with the Director of Study Abroad (over coffee, perhaps?) to discuss feasibility, cost, and logistics regarding the travel component of your course.  Where possible, the director will connect you to other faculty members who have travel experience that may be helpful to your specific area of expertise or region of travel.

By January 15, 2015, faculty should submit a completed proposal to the SAC, including a syllabus, detailed itinerary, and appropriate signatures.  Subsequently, faculty will present the proposal to a meeting of the SAC for approval or revisions.


Program Planning (April – August)

After approval by the SAC and the Educational Programs Committee (EPC) in late April, the OSA will work with multiple providers to obtain competitive bids on your program.  During the bidding process (typically during the summer) the OSA will solicit your timely input.  With your feedback, the OSA will strive to select a proposal and sign a contract by mid-August, thereby enabling effective marketing and promotion of your program beginning at our annual Study Abroad fair.

(If your expertise in a region permits you to plan a program without a provider, note that the OSA will need an itemized budget and formalized itinerary by mid-July.)


Program Promotion (August – November)

Promotion effectively begins at the Study Abroad Fair in late August and formally continues at two interest meetings (late September, early October).  The OSA will coordinate all formalized marketing aspects including the program booklet, informational flyers, display boards, website content, and scheduling of interest meetings and class presentations. These materials represent a good faith agreement between the student and the University. In addition, the OSA will guide interested students to faculty leaders during the application period.


Application Selection (November)

The application deadline for students is November 1. After that date, the OSA will process applications, select applicants, and register them for your course by mid-November. Courses who do not have 5 applicants by November 1 will be cancelled.


Finalizing Your Program (September – April)

Throughout the academic year, the faculty will work directly with the selected provider to fine tune program arrangements.   Any alterations made after the contract has been signed cannot impact the overall cost of the course.  To ensure clear communication, the OSA simply asks that you copy the OSA Program Developer on all written correspondence with providers.



As the faculty member teaching the course, you will receive payment of one and a half courses. Non-teaching faculty leaders receive one half of a course.

Faculty will have all of their program expenses covered, including a per diem, which is calculated at 87% of the rates published by the Department of State. In addition, appropriate incidental expenses will be reimbursed at 100%.



Preparing to Go

In preparation of leading your group of students abroad, please take a moment to read through these important policies and guidelines.

Download Faculty Leader Cheat Sheet – Reimbursement procedures, emergency preparedness and program checklist

Download GE Faculty Leader Expenses – Criteria for reimbursable and personal expenses


The Office of Global Education is located in Cottrell Hall, Suite 142. Building #12 on the HPU Campus Map.

Phone: +1 (336) 841-9280

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