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The Principles & Elements of European Design (Italy)

Taylor Reese Rome

The Principles & Elements of European Design


This course will investigate locations associated with legendary cities of Europe which best exemplify the basic principles and elements of design fundamentals. Experience, sketch, and photograph buildings and sites that exhibit classical design elements. This course complements both the interior design and home furnishings curricula.


Course Information

Course: INT 1234: The Principles & Elements of European Design

Term: May 2014 ($708)

Credit Hours: 1

Prerequisite: Introductory class in interior design, home furnishings, or art history

Faculty Leaders: Ms. Cathy Nowicki & Dr. Elizabeth Dull


Program Details

Dates: May 5-16, 2014

Estimated Cost:

$6,199-6,299 (10-14 students)

$5,699-5,799 (15-18 students)

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Application Information

To receive detailed information about the application process, please contact the faculty leaders for this course, or stop by our office in Slane 324. You can also connect with us at

Application Deadline: Friday, November 1, 2013; 5:00pm

Selected students will be notified by Wednesday, November 25, 2013.


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