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Ganbatte! Adventuring in Tokyo

JapanGanbatte! Adventuring in Tokyo



Play Japanese video games? Watch anime or read manga? Join this program and tour extensively in Tokyo as you examine Japanese media and popular culture and their influence in the United States. While you’re there, enjoy a day trip to Mt. Fuji, an evening of Kabuki Theater, and a trip to Tokyo Disneyland!

Course Information

Course: COM 3381 Japanese Media & Pop-culture; fulfills the HPU Global Studies (GBS) requirement

Term: Spring 2014

Credit Hours: 4

Prerequisite: ENG 1103 and Sophomore Standing

Faculty Leader: Dr. Stefan Hall & Dr. Mark Toole


Program Details

Travel Dates: May 6-20, 2014

Estimated Cost:

$4,199-4,299 (15-18 students)
$4,399-4,599 (10-14 students)

Please click here for more detailed information about the Ganbatte! Program.


Application Information

This program is no longer accepting applications for 2014.

Selected students will be notified by Wednesday, November 25, 2013.