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High Point University’s Global Experience program has taken students around the globe on exciting short-term study programs. Past courses and destinations include:

2016-2017 Academic Year


2015-2016 Academic Year


2014-2015 Academic Year


2013-2014 Academic Year


2012-2013 Academic Year

An American Celebration of Music in Italy

May 6 – 15, 2013

Led by Dr. Marc Foster and Mrs. Marcia Dills, HPU choirs traveled to Italy’s most famed cities to sing in some of the world’s most renowned cathedrals and basilicas. What better way to celebrate music than to perform it in the places that inspired its composition?  This was a life-changing musical experience.

Course: MUS 1310: University Singers, May 2013 (optional)

Faculty Leaders: Dr. Marc Foster & Mrs. Marcia Dills

Program Fee: $3,900

Student Experiences:



Contemporary Ireland: Traditions, Talents, Treasures & Troubles

May 5 – 19, 2013

HPU students and faculty explored the treasures of Ireland while taking advantage of the incredible opportunities they had with behind-the-scenes access to some of Ireland’s and Northern Ireland’s most successful and well-known non-profit organizations. They witnessed firsthand Protestants and Catholics working collaboratively at Habitat for Humanity in Belfast, an unfathomable sight during the Troubles, and even volunteered their time there to make a difference.

Course: HRE/GBS 3317: Contemporary Ireland: Traditions, Talents, Treasures, and Troubles, Spring 2013 (fulfilled the HPU Global Studies requirement)

Faculty Leaders: Dr. Christine Cugliari & Dr. Pamela Palmer

Program Fee: $4,700

Student Experiences:



European Design: London & Paris

May 6 – 18, 2013

HPU visited the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the Louvre and Versailles! This course investigated locations associated with two legendary cities of Europe which best exemplify the basic principles and elements of design fundamentals: London and Paris. Students experienced buildings and sites that exhibit classical design elements, and spent time sketching, photographing and taking part in a Harry Potter themed scavenger hunt! This course complemented both the interior design and home furnishings curricula.

Course: INT 1234: The Principles & Elements of European Design, May 2013

Faculty Leaders: Ms. Cathy Nowicki & Dr. Elizabeth Dull

Program Fee: $5,100



Exercise Physiology in Indianapolis….. & Chicago!

May 28 – June 3, 2013

HPU Exercise Science students and Dr. Reich traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana to attend the 2013 American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting as a part of their EXS 2200: Exercise Physiology course. Ideal for students interested in exploring careers in Exercise Physiology, this course allowed students to hear about cutting-edge topics and to network with experts in the field. You never know what may lead to an internship or job opportunity!

Course: EXS 2200: Exercise Physiology, May 2013

Faculty Leader: Dr. Kimberly Reich

Program Fee: ~ $1,600



Human Behavior in Europe: Cross-Cultural Psychology in Italy, Germany & France

May 5 – 22, 2013

HPU students traveled extensively through Italy, Germany, and France observing and analyzing human behavior as it relates to cultural context: What makes an American? An Italian? A German? While there, they took a Gondola tour in Venice, enjoyed Tuscany, visited Dachau, explored Versailles and the Louvre, and so much more. This was the ultimate people-watching and sight-seeing experience!

Course: PSY/GBS 3740: Cross-Cultural Psychology, Spring 2013 (fulfilled the HPU Global Studies requirement)

Faculty Leaders: Dr. Jana Spain & Dr. Judy Isaksen

Program Fee: ~ $7,300



Religion & Revolution in Italy

May 6 – 22, 2013

Religion and revolution collide to tell the dramatic story of Italy’s development from its feudal origins to its current democratic state. In May 2013, HPU students explored the French Revolution, the age of the Risorgimento, the Fascist Revolution, and more while visiting Rome, Florence, Brescia, and Venice. They watched history come to life as they took to the streets of Italy and observed for themselves the development of this fascinating country.

Course: HST/REL 3881: Religion and Revolution, Spring 2013

Faculty Leaders: Dr. David Hammond & Dr. Frederick Schneid

Program Fee: ~ $4,500



Safari in Southern Africa

May 9 – 24, 2013

HPU students and faculty spent a few nights in Swaziland, then journey to Hoedspruit, South Africa, for nine nights at the Mohlabetsi Safari Lodge ( situated in the vast 77,000 acre Balule Game Reserve. They enjoyed afternoon game drives in open Land Rovers accompanied by experienced rangers and nighttime searches for nocturnal creatures with the aid of powerful spotlights. On this adventure through southern Africa, they saw some of the earth’s most exotic wildlife – elephants, leopards, giraffes, bush babies!

Course: PSY 3880: Animal Behavior in South Africa, May 2013

Faculty Leaders: Dr. Joanne Altman & Dr. Donna Scheidt

Program Fee: ~ $5,700

Student Experiences:



Spanish Culture & the Art of Flamenco

May 7 – 28, 2013

HPU students and faculty observed and partook in the art of Flamenco while immersing themselves in Spanish culture! They took Flamenco lessons from expert local instructors at the Flamenco Dance Museum in Seville and experienced Flamenco performances and other related activities in Seville, Granada, Madrid, and Cordóba. While not in dance lessons, they visited museums, cathedrals, and a sherry winery and walked along Spanish beaches in this 18-day excursion to Spain. (Knowledge of Spanish and prior dance experience were not required.)

Course: GBS 3881: In Search of Duende: Spanish Culture and the Art of Flamenco, Spring 2013 (fulfilled the HPU Global Studies requirement)

Faculty Leaders: Mr. Adam Winkel & Ms. Cara Hagan

Program Fee: $4,500

Student Experiences:



The Grand Tour in Italy

May 5 – 25, 2013

HPU students followed in the footsteps of young artists who had historically honed their craft by visiting relevant sites in Italy and the rest of Europe. They worked on-site on a series of studio projects in Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Siena, Venice, Milan, and other cities across Italy. They researched specific works of art and architecture, then confronted them face-to-face on this highly experiential and hands-on tour of Italy.

Course: ART/GBS 2988: The Grand Tour in Italy: Drawing and Art, Learning from the Masters, May 2013 (fulfilled the HPU Global Studies requirement)

Faculty Leaders: Dr. Scott Raynor & Dr. Anna Piperato

Program Fee: ~ $4, 500

Student Experiences: 




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