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The Grand Tour: Drawing the Masters

Alicia MillerThe Grand Tour: Drawing the Masters


Follow in the footsteps of young artists who have historically honed their craft by visiting relevant sites in Italy and the rest of Europe. Work on-site on a series of studio projects in Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Siena, Venice, Milan, and other cities across Italy. Research specific works of art and architecture, then confront them face-to-face on this highly experiential and hands-on tour of Italy.


Course Information

Course: ART/GBS 2988: The Grand Tour: Drawing and Art, Learning from the Masters; fulfills the HPU Global Studies (GBS) requirement

Term: Spring 2014

Credit Hours: 4

Prerequisite: None

Faculty Leaders: Mr. Scott Raynor & Dr. Anna Piperato


Program Details

Travel Dates: May 4-24, 2014

Estimated Cost:

$4,799-4,999 (15-18 students)
$5,099-5,599 (10-14 students)

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Application Information

This program is no longer accepting applications for 2014.

Selected students will be notified by Wednesday, November 25, 2013.