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Spanish-American Institute

Seville, Spain

Students accepted into the Seville program will complete coursework while living in home stays and conversing with a native Spanish speaker. Therefore, classroom experience complements, reinforces, and enhances the intercultural experience. Students choose a study concentration: 1) Intensive Spanish Language, 2) Liberal Arts, 3) International Business, or 4) a combination of Liberal Arts and International Business. Every student is assigned an intercambio partner, a native Spanish speaker with whom the student meets at least once a week to practice conversational Spanish and to learn about the culture.


Quick Facts

Location: Seville (population: 700,000)

University: Spanish-American Institute of International Education (SAIIE)

Terms available:

  • Fall (early September to mid-December)
  • Spring (mid-January to late April)

Minimum Application Requirements: 2.75 GPA and Sophomore status; SPA 2140 for Spanish majors or minors

Application deadlines:

  • Fall Term Abroad: March 15
  • Spring Term Abroad: May 15, the year prior

Visa information: See the Visa Information: Spain page for detailed information.


Academic Program

The Seville Program, located at the Spanish-American Institute of International Education, combines coursework, field trips, intercambio partnerships, and home-stays into a coherent, total package. Students study Spanish language on the appropriate level and take the remainder of their courses in Spanish or in English, depending on their level of fluency. In addition to required language study, all students are to enroll in the Artistic Monuments of Seville course (taught in English or Spanish) which provides an intentional introduction to and immersion into the city of Seville. Students may concentrate on Liberal Arts or International Business, or they may take courses from both areas. Classes are held Monday-Thursday, with Friday-Sunday available for field trips and independent activities. No prior knowledge of Spanish is required, however students who wish to receive credit toward their Spanish major or minor must have completed SPA 2140 prior to enrolling at SAIIE.

The Intensive Language Track is designed for students on the beginning and intermediate levels who want to focus solely on language acquisition. During the term, these students cover four levels of Spanish (16 credits) in sequence. However, they can participate in the optional field trips if they wish. Students enrolling in the Intensive Language Track are not required to take the Artistic Monuments of Seville course.

Whether in the Liberal Arts/International Business Track or in the Intensive Language Track, every student is assigned an intercambio partner, a native Spanish speaker with whom the student meets at least once a week to practice conversational Spanish and to learn about the culture.

To view the course selection, visit the Spanish-American Institute course catalog.

For more information about life at the university, go the the Spanish-American Institute website.


Credit for Semester Study Abroad

For High Point University to recognize the credits you complete abroad, you must earn a grade equivalent to a C in the U.S. HPU will not accept credit for courses with grades of C– or below. Grades for all courses earned abroad are recorded on the foreign transcript. Credits are received by HPU as transfer credits, which means the credit is received but the grade is not. Your HPU grade point average will not be impacted positively or negatively by your study abroad courses.

For More Information…

For more information, visit the Spanish-American Institute website or email a study abroad representative. To schedule an advising appointment, contact the Office of Study Abroad at (336) 841-9280.


The Office of Global Education is located in Cottrell Hall, Suite 142. Building #12 on the HPU Campus Map.

Phone: +1 (336) 841-9280

Click here to meet our staff.


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