Student Success Program

Freshman Student Leadership Team

The Student Success Department welcomes first year students to be part of the Freshman Student Leadership Team. This is an excellent opportunity to be part of a team that will be responsible for helping to promote Student Success at High Point University. Students will also have an opportunity to assist other departments on campus with special Student Success leadership projects such as Library Services, Athletics, Academic Services and Community Outreach.

Within this leadership opportunity, we will also team up with Dr. Joanne Altman and the Research Rookies Program. The Research Rookies program works to incorporate students into the university’s culture of research and creative work early in their undergrad careers. The program is designed to create a community of undergraduate scholars and help build research-related skills to prepare students for faculty collaborative scholarship that makes an original contribution to one’s field.

We will divide up our students in teams, where students will work with others in a specific department at High Point University. We have chosen these students based on their interest in leadership, character and their Success Coach’s personal recommendations. This is a non-paid leadership opportunity, but students will be able to develop skills in team building, integrity, communications, commitment and other necessary skills needed for future professional opportunities. The Freshman Student Leadership Program will also participate in community service opportunities giving back to our local community through volunteer work and service learning.

The time commitment is only 6-8  hours a week. The Freshman Student Leadership Training will be from September to the end of the school year in May. All information will be reviewed and approved by High Point University personnel prior to being placed on website.

Articles and Videos on Freshman Student Leadership Team

2014-2015 Freshman Student Leaders:  

These freshman student leaders helped to collect over 260 lbs. of food for the non profit Out of the Garden, create a marketing video for the Library Marketing Team, assist as tutoring managers for Academic Services  and work various athletic events on campus helping to set up for games.  Overall, it was a very successful year in leadership all across campus at High Point University.  Go Panthers!

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Freshmen Student Leaders on the Ropes Course


The HPU Ropes Course and retreat center, located just a few miles from campus  gives HPU students a place to develop professionally and academically outside of their usual surroundings.

Both of the new ventures are located on 22 acres of lush, wooded property that was donated to the university by Molly Millis-Hedgecock. The retreat center, an estate home on the property, offers a serene environment where student groups can hold special activities and meetings, while the newly constructed ropes course will provide a challenging experience that reinforces the ideals of teamwork and builds confidence and leadership skills.


Freshman Student Leaders in Research Rookies Program

Freshmen and Sophomores who wish to participate in the Research Rookies Program have two consecutive semesters (not including summer) to complete a series of 15 activities and one mini-research project. The activities include completing online assignments, participating in workshops, and attending movies and discussions. Some activities are required for all members of the program and the remaining ones can be selected from a set of options. These activities are all designed to help students build skills in all facets of the scholarly process. Students will work with Dr. Joanne Altman, Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works.



Student Success Coaches and Freshman Student Leaders attend: “A Conversation with John Maxwell & Nido Qubein”

Maxwell is the founder of The John Maxwell Company and EQUIP, organizations that have trained more than 5 million leaders in 185 countries. Every year, he speaks to Fortune 500 and 100 companies, international government leaders and organizations such as the United Nations, the United States Military Academy at West Point and the NFL.

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Business Week bestselling author, Maxwell has sold more than 22 million books including “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” which sold more than 2 million copies. “Developing the Leader within You” and “The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader” each sold more than 1 million copies.



Freshman Student Leaders in Athletics Department

The High Point University Athletic Department offers a variety of leadership opportunities for Freshmen looking to gain experience at the NCAA Div. I level.


DSC_0947 DSC_0971 IMG_3126

(Top to Bottom ) 

Cameron Kiani – Athletic Facilities & Operations, Tripp Ashe – HPU Sports Link,  Jarray Davis – HPU Sports Link


(Top to Bottom )

Kristine Faxlanger  – Athletic Communications, Kathleen Norton – HPU Sports Link, Gabe Rowell  – Sports Marketing


Freshman Student Leaders working with Community Outreach Taskforce


The Freshman Student Leaders for this project included: Anisa Rohilla (top)  and Collin McGill (bottom).

One group of freshmen decided to work with a Guilford County-based nonprofit group called Out of the Garden.  In the Guilford county school system there are 76,000 students; 40,000 of those students are receiving free or reduced lunch. The goal of Out of the Garden is to end childhood hunger by providing Guilford County students with book bags filled with food for the weekend when school is not in session. As a result, Out of the Garden collects non-perishable food items, and then packages this food into backpacks, which are then given to the kids as they get onto the bus to go home for the weekend.  The food not only feeds the students, but their families as well.  The whole mission behind Out of the Garden stems from John 6:1-14– the parable of the five loaves and two fish where miraculously Jesus and his disciples are able to feed 5,000 hungry people.

Freshman Student Leaders established collection boxes at the two C-stores on campus and went door to door on campus asking freshman students to use up their left over dining dollars to donate towards this noble cause.  The leaders also partnered with the College Life organization to help to spread the word about the project.  The project ended on April 17, 2014 and was a huge success!  Other freshmen team members included Danielle Zombolas; Colin Lauderdale, Taylor Hooten, Arjun Sikand, Jamison Orr, Patrick Suprunowicz, and Haley McKeown.


Freshman Student Leaders Assisting Academic Services


Project Managers, Academic Services: Josephine Nazzaro (top),  Cassidy Cunningham (middle) and Shakira Ramsey (bottom)

Freshman Student Leaders served in the primary purpose of having one leader per evening (Sunday-Thursday) representing the interests of Academic Services for students and tutors. As point of first contact, Freshman Student Leaders were responsible for directing students with their tutor upon student arrival to 4th floor, knowing the locations of walk-in tutors on the 4th floor, answering questions, and completing online tutor request forms.

Additionally, Academic Services Center hosted the annual North Carolina Tutor/Supplemental Instruction conference. Interns would help with conference organization, developing a conference website, a registration form, and creating an excel spreadsheet with registration information. Also, they would assist with the conference prior to and on the conference day, potentially creating an ice breaker activity for students to kick off the conference.


We are so proud of our 2013 -14 and 2014-15  freshmen for their demonstration of leadership and commitment!