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The Student Success team welcomes partnerships with parents and families in order to help High Point University freshman transition smoothly into academics and campus life. Success Coaches serve not only as academic advisors during students’ freshman year, but also as a “network coordinator” to other services and activities on campus.

Contact Information:



Academic Advising: (336) 888-6388

Admissions: (336) 841-9216

Athletics: (336) 841-9276

Career and Internship Services: (336) 841-9470

Counseling Services: (336) 888-6352

Financial Aid: (336) 841-9124

Greek Life: 336-841-9231

Health Services: (336) 841-4683; High Point Family Practice (after hours care)  (336) 802-2040

IT Helpdesk: (336) 841-9147

Post Office: (336) 841-9235

Registrar’s Office: (336) 841-9205

Security/ Campus Police: (336) 841-9112

Student Accounts: 336-841-9259

Student Activities: (336) 841-9532

Student Life/ Residence Life: (336) 841-9231; (336) 880-4409 (RD on Duty- calls answered 24 hours a day)

Study Abroad: (336) 841-9280

HPU Freshman Success

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