Summer Advantage

About The Program

Get Ahead. Stay Ahead.

Summer Advantage is High Point University’s exclusive advancement program for incoming Freshmen- and the advantages are truly extraordinary. Ask any former Summer Advantage student and they will tell you it was the best way for them to begin college- and it all happens in one unforgettable month, before Freshman year actually begins. By earning 8 credits, students get ahead and stay ahead by creating winning relationships with their Success Coaches and faculty- and by creating wonderful friendships with their peers in the Freshman class. Summer Advantage is specifically designed to help students make a successful transition to college. Nationally, the top concern of entering freshmen is making friends. Summer Advantage reduces “freshman anxiety” and offers our new Panthers countless other benefits. In fact, the over 2,750 students who have successfully participated in and completed High Point University’s unique summer program have highlighted numerous advantages, including:

  • Making new friends and avoiding freshman anxieties
  • Earning credits towards graduation
  • Completing/changing registration for the upcoming fall semester
  • Preparing/reviewing more productively; managing test anxiety
  • Becoming familiar with campus and community places
  • Improving textbook reading, note taking and review skills
  • Improving motivation and time management
  • Receiving help from tutors, other students and caring faculty
  • Earning higher GPAs with greater retention and graduation rates
  • Enjoying special activities, programs and personal development workshops
  • Self-discovery and self-responsibility training
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Discovering/using personalized learning styles for academic success
  • Improving writing skills and critical thinking
  • Adjusting to college; transitioning to adult life

 Is Summer Advantage Right for You?

If you’re an incoming freshman, absolutely. Summer Advantage is designed and intended for any entering freshman to High Point University who wants to start his or her HPU experience early, dynamically, building academic confidence, and making friends among their peers in their freshman class. Get Ahead, Stay Ahead with Summer Advantage. 

Summer Advantage Success

The greatest value of Summer Advantage is the personal growth and development of the individual and the transition to college of the student. With up to 8 credits already completed, you’ll get ahead and, with the confidence-building connections  you’ll make among peers and professors, you’ll stay ahead, throughout your academic career at HPU. Likewise, academic preparation and success are equally important values gained from participation in Summer Advantage. Students learn the actual expectations of college coursework.

Summer Advantage has consistently served as the beginning point for many of High Point University’s student leaders. Beginning with freshman class officers to student government positions, to student body president and then to student and university awards for leadership.

Finally, Summer Advantage students have consistently proven to be academically successful with nearly 25% each year making the Dean’s List in the fall semester.

Contact Student Success

Available: Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm
Location: Second floor of Cottrell Hall