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Summer Advantage students can get started on Project Discovery!

Trying to decide on a major? You’re not alone.

Nearly half of all college students nationally change their major and many enter college not knowing what they want to major in. It’s ok. At High Point University, we partner with you to help you discover an academic pursuit that you are passionate about – and, we call this process: Project Discovery.

Click HERE and Check out the “Light Bulb” Moments of Project Discovery – your guide to uncovering your academic passion. Not all “Light Bulbs” are available during Summer Advantage, so see the Project Discovery office in Cottrell Hall for details!

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High Point University 2019 Summer Advantage

Registration for Summer Advantage 2019 is on NOW! High Point University's unique advancement program for incoming freshmen, Summer Advantage helps you Get Ahead and Stay ahead, with up to 8 credits before Fall semester begins. It really is a must-do at HPU! To learn more, visit

Posted by HPU Summer Advantage on Sunday, March 17, 2019