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Since it’s the holidays, we are going to write a simple post about RSS and adding URLs to your favorite RSS readers or feeds program.

“RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a family of web feed formats.  RSS is mainly used to publish frequently updated works.  RSS feeds are very helpful for blogs or news headlines that update very frequently.  RSS feeds benefit publishers by letting them syndicate or syndicate or synchronize contents automatically.”  Taken from Workmonk.

Readers can then select a program (feeder or reader) that will help them stay up to date on their favorite blogs.  So instead of going to all your favorite blogs separately, you can go to one place to get updated on all your favorite blogs, news, and websites.  Some popular RSS feed or RSS reader programs are Digg Reader, AOL Reader, Feedly, and RSS Bot.  For more information about selecting your favorite RSS readers, check out “R.I.P. Google Reader, Hello Four Best RSS Replacements.”

Many blogs will automatically become inserted into a RSS reader by copying and pasting the URL into your preferred feeder.  We are currently working on making this blog have an RSS reader button or icon, but for now there is a quick fix for adding this blog by copying and pasting this URL into your desired reader:

Tip: if you are having problems adding any URL to a RSS reader, adding “/wp-rss2.php” to the end of the URL should help the feeder recognize the URL faster.

We hope this helps everyone stay up to date on this blog.  As always, please email us if there are any questions or concerns about this information or if you need assistance adding this blog to your feeder.  Happy holidays!

Post by Samantha Harlow,

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Feature image taken from Workmonk.