Comparing the Alternatives to Clickers in the Classroom

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Clickers are a great tool to help you engage your students, receive instant feedback from your students regarding concepts you are teaching, and to get an overall feel for your student audience. However, with the TurningPoint technology comes all the bulky hardware. TurningPoint clickers involve setting up a receiver, setting the code for the instructor clicker with the software, and making sure all students have a workable clicker. What happens when a clicker breaks in the middle of class? Or if the batteries run our before the lecture is over? These are questions and issues that are faced when you use the clicker technology. How can you get all the benefits of teaching with clickers, but use something more software based? Why not use a technology that the students already own? What is one thing that all students own? Cell phones of course!

Several free web-based polling systems allow students to use their smartphone, laptop, or tablet device to respond to questions. The two main clicker tools, and are popular free web polling software. All you need to do set up an account using an email address. See the comparison of the two below and learn a little more about each software.


Poll Everywhere


Please contact Kaitlyn Reish at or 336-841-9379 for how to guides for either Poll Everywhere or Socrative.

Post by Kaitlyn Reish, Training Specialist at HPU.

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