Blackboard: Video Everywhere


Video Everywhere is a feature of the Content Editor Building Block. Once installed and activated, a new icon is added to the Content Editor that controls a user’s webcam. When activated, users can record a video and upload it directly to YouTube. The feature provides the ability for instructors and students to:

  • Record a video on the fly using a webcam
  • Embed the video seamlessly in course materials, interactions, and feedback through the content editor.
  • Reuse previously recorded videos by choosing from one’s own “library” of videos.

The videos are created and managed through an integration with YouTube. Users need to have a Google account, which is free. If users have not already done so, they need to link YouTube service to their Google account. Users need to perform this once under Google Account Setting page. Video storage and management on YouTube is free, but subject to YouTube’s terms of use.

Please click HERE to access a step by step guide.



Post by Kaitlyn Reish, Training Specialist at HPU.

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