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Blackboard: Bring the Scrollbars Back

03.25.2014 By: Kaitlyn Reish
Are you using a Mac and noticed that the scrollbars in the Grade Center of Blackboard are no longer there? OSX Lion and Mountain Lion by default don’t show scroll bars unless you scroll the page. Blackboard is aware of the problem and will be addressing this in a future release but for now you will need to […]
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Blackboard Maintenance: Saturday, March 15th 4:00AM-5:00AM

03.11.2014 By: Kaitlyn Reish
 **Blackboard will be down for maintenance on Saturday, March 15th between the hours of 4:00AM – 5:00AM** 
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Blackboard: Supported Browsers

02.19.2014 By: Kaitlyn Reish
Since Blackboard is a web based tool, it will only work properly in certain web browsers. There are some known issues with using a non-supported web browser.  Recently there has been issues using Blackboard in certain browsers. Please follow the steps and guides below to make sure you are using a supported browser when using […]
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Blackboard: Video Everywhere

02.4.2014 By: Kaitlyn Reish
Video Everywhere is a feature of the Content Editor Building Block. Once installed and activated, a new icon is added to the Content Editor that controls a user’s webcam. When activated, users can record a video and upload it directly to YouTube. The feature provides the ability for instructors and students to: Record a video on the fly using a […]
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Your W Drive: A Good Alternative for Sharing Files

01.21.2014 By: Kaitlyn Reish
With the popularity of the flipped classroom and more online classes, lecture videos are a must. However, did you know there is a file size limit of 50MB that you can post to Blackboard or even email via your HPU email account? A five to ten minute video would more than likely exceed the 50MB […]
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Blackboard: How to Manage Your Course List

12.10.2013 By: Kaitlyn Reish
With the fall semester coming to a close and the spring semester starting, all available courses, regardless of whether or not you are currently teaching that class or if it’s available to students, will be displayed on your “My Courses” module on the homepage of Blackboard. Since your course list isn’t displayed in any distinct order, it’s […]
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HPU Flipped Classroom Presentation

11.25.2013 By: Samantha Harlow
Recently Sam and Kaitlyn did a presentation to HPU faculty on creating your own content for flipped classrooms.  This presentation covers screencast and recording software such as Jing, Screencast-O-Matic, Camtasia, and YouTube.  It also covers uploading and embedding video into Blackboard and alternative methods of uploading larger videos using the W or pacific drive. Here […]
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Blackboard: Synchronize Your Blackboard Calendar with Outlook

11.19.2013 By: Kaitlyn Reish
In the latest update to Blackboard, the calendar feature has been greatly improved. You can locate the “My Calendar” module on your homepage, or under “My Blackboard” in the Global Navigation area. The Global Navigation area is located in the upper right hand corner where your name is displayed. The calendar includes all the events […]
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