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Creating Infographics:

04.16.2014 By: Samantha Harlow
Infographics are great educational tools to use for assignments, student presentations, and more.  Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly (taken from infographic wikipedia page). Here is an example of an infographic, made by HPU Office of Career Services: Though infographics are great, they are time consuming to create. [...]
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Digital Pedagogy Initiative: Digital Learning Exhibition

04.10.2014 By: Samantha Harlow
Last week HPU’s Digital Pedagogy Initiative (DPI) held a Digital Learning Exhibition, where HPU faculty showed off teaching and technology projects through a poster session in Slane. From the DPI Website: “The Digital Learning Exhibition was held on Wednesday, April 2, from 1:00-2:00. The exhibition showcased how HPU students and faculty are using digital technologies to advance [...]
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Digital Pedagogy Initiative: Flipped Classroom Panel

04.4.2014 By: Samantha Harlow
HPU’s Digital Pedagogy Initiative (DPI) is a component of the 2013-2014 Think BIG Active Learning and Engaged Pedagogy Initiative.  The DPI supports and incentivizes pedagogical innovation in the realm of digital technologies. Their aim is to support any HPU faculty member who wants to learn how to integrate digital tools into a course or wants to share [...]
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Smore: Digital Flyers

02.25.2014 By: Kaitlyn Reish
Smore is an easy to use website where users can create unique digital flyers. These flyers are single-paged websites that can be used for multiple reasons, for example sharing information with students or students can share their research. Digital flyers can be shared via email or social media. Students need to register for a Smore [...]
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ThingLink: Interactive Images

01.30.2014 By: Samantha Harlow
Thinglink is a free website where you can create interactive images.  It is a way for you to create one image that includes music, video, text, images, shops, and social media.  Thinglink can be used for presentations, assignments, organizational strategies, and more. Once you sign up, you can build a stream, similarly to picking boards [...]
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Screencasting Tools: Camtasia vs. Screencast-O-Matic

01.10.2014 By: Samantha Harlow
Recording your computer screens into a digital video (screencasting) for class tutorials can come in handy when flipping the classroom.  You can record yourself using an online tool, reciting a presentation, or guide students through a website.  You can even record streaming video online – though you will still have to follow copyright rules when [...]
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Creating Digital Projects in Pinterest

11.21.2013 By: Samantha Harlow
Students love social media – so why not use social media as a teaching tool or project idea in the classroom? Pinterest is a social media and photo sharing website in the style of a pinboard where anyone with an email address can create and manage themed image collections.  Pinterest can also be used as a project [...]
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