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HPU Summer Instruction Help

05.2.2014 By: Samantha Harlow
Congrats – you made it to the end of exams!  But this also means that some of you will soon start teaching summer courses. Luckily HPU does provide you with some help for getting ready for summer classes. You can receive help from HPU IT by contacting Kaitlyn Reish to make an appointment or tutorial […]
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The Flipped Classroom: The Pros and Cons

04.29.2014 By: Kaitlyn Reish
Many of us can recall instances in our lives where we found ourselves idly sitting in a classroom, eye glazed over, half listening, half pretending to listen to our teacher as they lectured in front of the room. These scenes are all too familiar in today’s schools, as the traditional model of learning has primarily […]
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Digital Pedagogy Initiative: Digital Learning Exhibition

04.10.2014 By: Samantha Harlow
Last week HPU’s Digital Pedagogy Initiative (DPI) held a Digital Learning Exhibition, where HPU faculty showed off teaching and technology projects through a poster session in Slane. From the DPI Website: “The Digital Learning Exhibition was held on Wednesday, April 2, from 1:00-2:00. The exhibition showcased how HPU students and faculty are using digital technologies to advance […]
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Digital Pedagogy Initiative: Flipped Classroom Panel

04.4.2014 By: Samantha Harlow
HPU’s Digital Pedagogy Initiative (DPI) is a component of the 2013-2014 Think BIG Active Learning and Engaged Pedagogy Initiative.  The DPI supports and incentivizes pedagogical innovation in the realm of digital technologies. Their aim is to support any HPU faculty member who wants to learn how to integrate digital tools into a course or wants to share […]
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YouTube Help: Tips and Tricks

04.1.2014 By: Kaitlyn Reish
The YouTube Help channel offers helpful playlists for learning tips and tricks about YouTube and the YouTube mobile apps. YouTube Help has three useful playlists, Mobile Monday, How To Wednesday and Did You Know? Friday.  These playlists update weekly. You can subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss any tips!  Watch the tips and tricks […]
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Top 4 Google Chrome Extensions

03.11.2014 By: Kaitlyn Reish
Below is a list of my favorite 4 Google Chrome extensions that can benefit you in and out of the classroom. Check them out! Explain and Send Screenshots extension allows you to take a full or partial snapshot of any website that you’d like to share or send to someone. You can draw arrows, lines, […]
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Twitter in the Classroom

03.4.2014 By: Kaitlyn Reish
When I think back to my college years, there was always a point right as class was starting when all my professors would say, “Ok, time to put away all smart phones.” Oh, this dreaded statement! However, smart phones have opened up all new possibilities to keep your classroom and students interacted and even awake. […]
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Smore: Digital Flyers

02.25.2014 By: Kaitlyn Reish
Smore is an easy to use website where users can create unique digital flyers. These flyers are single-paged websites that can be used for multiple reasons, for example sharing information with students or students can share their research. Digital flyers can be shared via email or social media. Students need to register for a Smore […]
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Ten Educational Tech Tools to Try This Year

02.11.2014 By: Kaitlyn Reish
A new semester has begun so why not check out some technology tools to use in your classroom this year? Below I have compiled a list of beneficial educational tools that you could integrate into the classroom. As you read considering trying new tools this year or implementing forgotten tools. Whatever the case, take time to check […]
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NMC Horizon Report on Technology and Higher Education

02.7.2014 By: Samantha Harlow
The New Media Consortium (NMC) annually teams up with EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) to write the NMC Horizon Report.  This report is on emerging technologies that will most influence higher education.  You can download the full NMC Horizon Report for 2014.  According to the NMC website “this eleventh edition describes annual findings from the NMC Horizon […]
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