Copyright and Academia


Copyright is a complicated subject – and it’s unfortunately a subject many people tune out.  There are also unfortunately many misconceptions of copyright, some of them being:

  1. Anything without a copyright notice is not protected.
  2. It is okay to use copyrighted work or publish other peoples work if I don’t make any money out of it.
  3. Everything on the Internet is Public Domain, and therefore free to use.
  4. Fair Use allows me to use anything in my work, as long as I am on a college campus.

Fortunately, HPU Libraries is trying to make your life a little bit easier with a Copyright and Free Media Resources Guide.  This guide covers definitions of copyright, public domain, fair use, and creative commons.  It also includes information on copyright and academia, why copyright should matter to your students, and links out to popular and helpful resources on copyright.  The last three tabs of this guide list audio, image, and video resources that can help you find materials to use in your work that are copyright free or clearly list the copyright restrictions.  Some popular resources are Jamendo, Creative Commons Search, Internet Archive Stock Footage, and BiblioBoard (HPU Libraries has a subscription).  Please remember that not all of these resources are completely copyright free – the resources just clearly state what you can and cannot do with the materials.

Watch this quick 5 minute video for a great summary of academia and copyright issues:


Post by Samantha Harlow, Media & Digital Resource Librarian

Image originally posted by CHRISTOPHER DOMBRES on flickr:

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