Creating Digital Projects in Pinterest


Students love social media – so why not use social media as a teaching tool or project idea in the classroom?

Pinterest is a social media and photo sharing website in the style of a pinboard where anyone with an email address can create and manage themed image collections.  Pinterest can also be used as a project or teaching tool to create humanities and science projects visually.  Though many of you might use Pinterest for personal photo sharing and pinning, you can create lesson plans or class projects around this site, such as having students make visual research boards before or after writing a paper.

Many archives, museums, and other cultural institutions are already using Pinterest to display and promote visual materials, such as the Archives of American Art.  Pinterest can also be used for group work or a whole class to contribute to one board; all you would have to do is set up a Pinterest account that everyone could use and share the password.  This account could be disabled at the end of the year or cleared out next semester.  Pinterest could also be used as a tool for professors and students to organize their research.

Pinterest is free and easy to use, but it still has copyright rules.  So be sure to talk to your students about copyright before creating public pinboards or set up secret boards that only you and your students can see.  If you need help, HPU Libraries has a guide on Copyright and Free Media Resources.

Post by Samantha Harlow, Media & Digital Resource Librarian at HPU.

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