Creating Infographics:


Infographics are great educational tools to use for assignments, student presentations, and more.  Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly (taken from infographic wikipedia page).

Here is an example of an infographic, made by HPU Office of Career Services:


Though infographics are great, they are time consuming to create.  But fear not!  There are free websites that can help you easily create infographics by providing you tools and templates.

One of these websites is helps you create and share visual information by giving you pre-made, easy to use templates or allowing you to start from scratch.  Here is what the “start fresh” template and design looks like:

Here is also a quick video to get you started with

There are also other websites that also allow users to create free infographics, such as:

There are also blogs dedicated to infographics, online articles about infographic design, and lists of “best infographics.”

If you or students are making infographics in class, we would love to see the results!  Please also remember to check out the HPU Libraries Media Services Free Media Software guide for links out to more free online tools to help you with multimedia assignments and projects.

Post by Samantha Harlow, Media & Digital Resource Librarian

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