Digital Pedagogy Initiative: Flipped Classroom Panel


HPU’s Digital Pedagogy Initiative (DPI) is a component of the 2013-2014 Think BIG Active Learning and Engaged Pedagogy Initiative.  The DPI supports and incentivizes pedagogical innovation in the realm of digital technologies. Their aim is to support any HPU faculty member who wants to learn how to integrate digital tools into a course or wants to share what they’ve done with others. Whether you want to try out a social bookmarking tool or teach an advanced video project, the DPI wants to connect you with like-minded HPU faculty who can help you reach your goals.   In most universities that support would be offered through a Teaching and Learning Center, which, while part of HPU’s long-term plan, is not yet established. The DPI was therefore designed to seed that project by harnessing the talent already here and helping HPU faculty help each other.  (Information taken from the DPI website).

Last week the DPI held a “Flipped Classroom Panel” on HPU’s campus.  This panel was attended by around 45 HPU faculty members and included presentations from Math, Criminal Justice, and Philosophy professors performing flipped classroom techniques.

Joe Blosser, of the Philosophy department, presented on using Michael Sandel’s “Justice” lecture series during his summer school class.  Blosser assigned his students to watch the video lectures before class time and then gave them a quiz in BlackBoard to gauge their understanding of the materials.  This allowed for more time in class for discussion.

Scott Ingram, of the Criminal Justice department, used Prezi, Spreaker, and ShowMe to have students listen and view lectures before class time.  Prezi is an online, zooming presentation system, which also allows you to send links to students and track views.  Ingram used Spreaker iPad app to create online podcasts for students to hear before class.  Ingram also used ShowMe, a tool that allows you to record your voice while writing on a virtual white board.

Jenny Fuselier, Adam Graham-Squire, Karen O’Hara, and Laurie Zack (of the Department of Mathematics) presented on their experience flipping math classrooms by recording lectures using tablets and Camtasia (made possible by a HPU Think Big grant).  These professors also used OneNote to record lectures that students watched before class and WebAssign for assigning questions and problem sets.

Each of these professors had varying experience (some good and bad) flipping the classrooms and this panel presented a great opportunity for discussion and feedback on technology and teaching at HPU.  For more information on any of these topics, feel free to email these professors.  For more information about HPU’s DPI project, feel free to email Kathy Shields or Holly Middleton.

Post by Samantha Harlow, Media & Digital Resource Librarian

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