HPU Flipped Classroom Presentation


Recently Sam and Kaitlyn did a presentation to HPU faculty on creating your own content for flipped classrooms.  This presentation covers screencast and recording software such as Jing, Screencast-O-Matic, Camtasia, and YouTube.  It also covers uploading and embedding video into Blackboard and alternative methods of uploading larger videos using the W or pacific drive.

Here is the presentation:

Please remember when posting your educational videos online, copyright issues might still apply.  Please see the Copyright & Media Online Resources guide for more information and resources about media copyright issues.

Please feel free to contact Sam Harlow (sharlow@highpoint.edu) or Kaitlyn Reish (kreish@highpoint.edu) with any questions or concerns about this presentation.  We would also be happy to set up individual tutorials based on specific flipped classroom needs.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Feature image taken from http://etceteraward.blogspot.com/

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