Free Media Software: Find the Right Tool Online


There are many free tools online that can help you flip the classroom, create posters and flyers, stay organized, video edit, and more.  The trick is finding the right tools, knowing where to find the tools, and knowing what’s available.

HPU Libraries Media Services has created a Free Media Software Guide to get you started on many of the most popular free tools online.  This guide can also be found on the Media Services homepage.  The categories included on this guide are:

This guide describes every tool and links out to the website where you can use or download the media software.  We are aware that these links and services change quickly, so will be adding to and editing this guide frequently to keep it up to date.  If you need any further assistance with these products, we would be happy to help you get started.  You could email me at or Kaitlyn at  I would also love to hear if I missed anything on this guide that any of you are using in your classrooms!

Post by Samantha Harlow, Media & Digital Resource Librarian