Blackboard: How to Manage Your Course List


With the fall semester coming to a close and the spring semester starting, all available courses, regardless of whether or not you are currently teaching that class or if it’s available to students, will be displayed on your “My Courses” module on the homepage of Blackboard. Since your course list isn’t displayed in any distinct order, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish what’s new from what’s old. Further more, this causes confusion when adding material to your new course. You may end up accidentally adding material or a test to a previous course. Why not hide the pervious or unwanted courses?

There is a way to add structure to this chaos. By completing a few, quick steps, you can easily and quickly hide the classes from the previous semesters. By reviewing the below step by step instructions, you can choose which courses appear and rearrange the order of your course links.

Post by Kaitlyn Reish, Training Specialist at HPU.

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