IT Update: Vitural Lab Modifications


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In preparation for the 2014-15 academic year, the Office of Information Technology has worked diligently to assess the state of classroom computer laboratories on campus and craft a vision for further improvement in some key areas.  This has been in line with our desire to provide robust computing environments presented with the user in mind.  Our hopes are that students and faculty alike will embrace technology in and out of the classroom and be able to work without barrier or hindrance.

One exciting new development in this realm is with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).  You may be aware of the terminal-like devices in select labs on campus that connect to virtual desktops.  These virtual desktops run on large-scale server infrastructure in a centrally-managed location.  The desktop experience exists as a communication from these terminals to the server and back.

In previous years, these virtual desktops were managed in largely the same manner as our physical labs.  Certain software was only available in a certain lab location.  If time or availability was an issue, often times students could miss out on using the software they need when they need it.

Having the capability to transform the lab experience from the traditional lab model to a user-driven one and coupled with the power of VDI, the Office of Information Technology is prepared to roll out a streamlined virtual computing platform that simplifies user access and availability.

Most faculty, staff, and students upon logging in to a Zero Client terminal, from any terminal on campus will receive two desktop options.  They are:

HPU Gen Lab

A general purpose image containing the most basic software packages available.  Every desktop has several browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer), Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Project 2010, and IBM SPSS 22.

Math and Science

Contains software utilized in the math and science departments.  In addition to the applications listed above are:

ChemDrawPro v14

Spartan Student V4.1.2

CLEA Exercises

MatLab, Maple, and STATA 13



Post by Kaitlyn Reish, Training Specialist at HPU.

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