Ken Burns iPad App: History Mixtapes


Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, in collaboration with the digital agency Big Spaceship, has released an app of “mixtapes” of all his documentaries titled Ken Burns. These mixtapes take all of his works (over 136 hours) and break them down into six themes in American history: innovation, race, politics, art, hard times, and war.   The user can also view the interface through a timeline.  The app will be free to demo, but to access the full experience it will cost $10 – which is considerably cheaper than purchasing all of his films.  Burns is also working on 7 current projects and plans on adding each new project to this app as the films are released.

This resource could work great in classrooms through projecting it on a screen, as a part of a class project, or more.  It could also work well along other streaming resources that HPU Libraries offers.  There are also many other history iPad apps that curate history and can be used in the classroom.

Can professors at HPU think of ways to use this resource?  If so, let us know how you are using Ken Burns mixtapes or other streaming resources in the classrooms.

Post by Samantha Harlow, Media & Digital Resource Librarian

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