Learn How to Use Webex

Webex copy

WebEx is a Web conferencing application that can be used to host classes, office hours, and other meetings online. Instructors and students communicate in real-time using chat, voice, and video. Instructors can show PowerPoint presentations, annotate slides, allow students to present, share a document, perform live editing, poll students, record the session, and much more. Utilizing these features creates an environment similar to a live on-campus classroom environment, which is coming more popular with the demand of online classes and the flipped classroom model.

WebEx, much like Skype, can be also used for online meetings and interviews. WebEx is different from Skype because it designed to have a classroom like feel. WebEx contains a white board where the host can write or share documents. Furthermore, you can use WebEx on an iPad, iPhone or smart phone!

Below is a short tutorial guide that will help you get started with WebEx. Please contact Kaitlyn Reish at kreish@highpoint.edu or at 336-841-9379 for further questions.

Post by Kaitlyn Reish, Training Specialist at HPU.

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