Microsoft Word: Tips and Tricks


Below I have complied a list of Word tips and tricks that will help you get things done faster and more efficiently . This is a series that will cover tips and tricks for all Microsoft Office products.



To select the entire paragraph in Word, you can triple-click anywhere within a paragraph. To select the entire sentence, press to Ctrl key and click anywhere within the entire sentence.

You can also select rectangular blocks of text in a Word document, similar to the marquee tool in Photoshop, and apply formatting to the selected area. Hold down the Alt key and drag your mouse to select any rectangular area.



All styles and formatting are retained when you copy a snippet from a we page into Word. However, there is an easy way to paste a snippet, removing the styling. Select the block and press Ctrl + Space bar and the rich text will be transformed into plain text.


If you are working on a lengthy Word document, you can press the Shift + F5 keyboard shortcut to cycle through the spots that you have edited most recently. Also, when you open an existing document inside Word, the same Shift + F5 shortcut will take you to the location that you were working on when the document was last closed.


Most people use the Copy-Paste (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-v) route to copy and paste from one location to another within a Word document, however, there’s an alternate way as well. Highlight any block of text, press F2 and then place the cursor at the spot where you wish to move that text. Press Enter and the selection will be moved.


Did you know that you can use your Word document as a whiteboard and write your text anywhere on the page? Just double-click wherever you want to type your text and start writing.


Post by Kaitlyn Reish, Training Specialist at HPU.

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