Quizlet: Online Flashcards


Quizlet  is a free online tool that students and educators can use for studying and course organization that simulates flashcards.  You can download the Quizlet app for iOS or Android.  Quizlet is an interactive, online tool that allows you to create and look at flashcards in sets, even allowing for you to digitally flip the cards to the front and back.  After you create the flashcard sets, you can study flashcards in different modes.

Types of Modes:

  • Learn: you are prompted with the term or definition and then are prompted to define the other term or definition
  • Speller: allows you to type what you hear to practice spelling
  • Test: allows you to make simple tests out of flashcards
  • Scatter/Microscatter: matching game out of flashcards
  • Space Race/Voice Space Race/Gravity: test your speed of how quickly you can answer questions based on flashcards through these games

Quizlet also has resources for teachers.  You can make classes, print PDFs of flashcard sets, collaborate in groups, and more.  There is also a Quizlet teaching page for more ideas in subjects of Foreign Language, English, Science, Social Studies, and Math.

Post by Samantha Harlow, Media & Digital Resource Librarian

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