Recording a Voice-Over Narration in PowerPoint


I have had a lot of requests from students for help with voice over narration through a PowerPoint presentation. These instructions below will provide your students with step by step instructions on how to do so.  Keep in mind that voice over narration in PowerPoint does not provide any editing features.

1. Preparation

  • Create your PowerPoint presentation in its entirety (visual format, text, animations, photos, ect.)
  • Familiarize yourself with what you would like to say for each slide

2. Recording

  • Make sure you have a built in microphone in your computer or an external microphone in order to record your voice
  • Go to the Slide Show menu and click “Record Slide Show”


  • From the drop down, choose “Start Recording from Beginning…”


  •  Click “Start Recording” on the Record Slide Show window


  • Speak naturally and advance each slide as you’re finished
  • Press the space bar on your keyboard to advance to the next slide
  • When completed, press the ESC key

3. Finalizing

  • Save your PowerPoint presentation to the desired location on your computer
  • Test the presentation by re-opening it and playing it back


Post by Kaitlyn Reish, Training Specialist at HPU.

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