Smore: Digital Flyers



  • Smore is an easy to use website where users can create unique digital flyers.
  • These flyers are single-paged websites that can be used for multiple reasons, for example sharing information with students or students can share their research.
  • Digital flyers can be shared via email or social media.


  • Students need to register for a Smore account with an email or using Facebook.
  • Students can allow or disable comments on their flyer.
  • Flyers created using Smore’s free version will be public unless users change their profile settings.
  • Smores can be emailed and then printed.


  • Teachers can use Smore to share content with students. Students can then comment on the Smore as a way of class collaboration.
  • Smores can be embedded on blogs or websites via a link or html code. (also can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest)


Check out the Smore below I made for advertising purposes for this Tech Blog:






Post by Kaitlyn Reish, Training Specialist at HPU.

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