Streaming Video Resources at HPU


I get many request from faculty  about acquiring more streaming video, whether they are flipping classrooms or wanting more diverse assignments for students.

Media & Digital Services created a guide on streaming resources.  This guide includes presentations for faculty, HPU video and music streaming subscriptions, free streaming educational resources, and guides on embedding video into Blackboard, PowerPoint, and websites.    See the presentation below for even more information about streaming resources through HPU Libraries.

This guide also includes information on our two largest streaming subscriptions to Films on Demand and Swank Digital Campus.

Films on Demand (FOD) is “the leading source of high-quality video and multimedia for academic, vocational and life-skills content” (taken from their website).  You and your students can use this resource on HPU’s campus or off campus (as long as you log in through your HPU username and password). They have a wide variety of streaming video options in categories like Anthropology, Biology, Criminal Justice, English, History, Music & Dance, Mathematics, and many more.  You can look for film titles through the FOD websites or through the HPU Library online catalog.  There are full length documentaries, as well as shorter educational films.  The videos can be linked out or embedded into BlackBoard and PowerPoint.  Be sure to check out the Films on Demand guidelines to find out how to search for these films in the catalog, embed videos, and more.

Swank Digital Campus is a resource for professors interested in gaining streaming access to feature length films.  According to their website, Swank “allows students the flexibility to legally view course-assigned films outside the classroom.”  They have classic and modern popular films, such as Anna Karenina, Lincoln, Side Effects, Psycho, and many more.  You can search for titles through Swank’s webpage and then contact Sam Harlow for desired titles to be used in your classroom.  Just keep in mind that purchasing streaming feature length films is not always the best option and it does take us around 2 weeks to make films live online.  Be sure to check the Swank Digital Campus guidelines to see if streaming film is the right fit for your classroom.


Streaming film sometimes comes with technical issues, but please remember to always contact Samantha Harlow at if there are any issues.  Usually these problems can be easily resolved in a timely fashion.

Post by Samantha Harlow, Media & Digital Resource Librarian at High Point University

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